Delivery and Return Handling Process


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We deliver 7 days per week and offer convenient 2 hour delivery windows to select from when you check out. We also offer 'flexible delivery' for a reduced delivery fee; if you are able to take delivery at any time that day, you can select this option and we will provide you a $3 discount off of your order.

A note about accessibility: we are 100% committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access all of the products and services we offer through our website. If you are having any difficulty with any aspect of our site, please contact us right away by emailing We will reply within 1 business day.

If you are suddenly unavailable during your chosen time, we will try to accommodate an alternative delivery time for you or help you with alternate delivery arrangements. Please note that if you are not present when we attempt to deliver your order during your originally scheduled time, a $10 'no-show' fee will apply to cover our delivery costs. Please also note that if you change or cancel your order after 7am on the day of delivery, a $10 change/restocking fee will apply.

We also offer unattended delivery if you are able provide a secure location to leave your order, to include coolers & cooling devices (ice/gel packs, etc) to keep your perishables fresh. Note that this delivery option is selected at your own risk as PrestoFresh is not liable for the products after they are delivered. Our drivers reserve the right to not leave an order if the designated area or materials are obviously not suitable. Please also note that we are unable to unpack your order and put your items away for you. Thank you for understanding.

Gratuities are not required or expected to be given to our drivers. Should you choose to provide a tip, you may do so with cash or by writing the amount on the invoice when you sign for the order (in which case the amount will be charged to your credit card).

If our driver is not certain of how to find the delivery address, he/she will attempt to call the phone number listed on the account. He/she will not depart the delivery address without delivering before making a significant effort to locate our customer. However, if our driver is unable to deliver after a period of time at the delivery address (usually about 10-15 minutes) and after making at least 2 attempts to reach the customer via phone, he/she will need to move on with their delivery route and the no-show fee will apply.

During the delivery itself, our driver will be happy to place your items at a place of your choosing. They can even bring your items into your kitchen if you prefer! (Thank you for understanding that our drivers are not able to unpack your items for you).

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know by emailing If you receive an item that is of substandard quality, we will take it back or exchange it with no questions asked provided that you let us know within 24 hours of receipt. We offer this because of our commitment to ensuring you are delighted with our service!**^^

A note about substitutes: we only offer a substitute item when the item that was ordered is out of stock. Occasionally we will check other stores in the area for the exact item ordered before substituting. We will never substitute an item that is in stock. When we substitute, we always look for an equal or greater value, and we will always attempt to make the price and quantity match (e.g. if a 6oz item was ordered and we substitute a 3oz item, we will provide 2 3oz items as long as the price is comparable). If the substitute item is over 10% (higher or lower) of the price of the ordered item, we will perform a price adjustment in the form of a refund or additional charge. If it is within 10%, a price adjustment is not executed.

Please note: although we love our customers, in order to protect the business, our employees, and/or customers, we retain the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, reasons pertaining to driver safety, possible/suspected fraud, and abuse of promotions & policies.

For answers to common questions about our service, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or don't hesitate to contact us.

**Please note that product images and nutrition information are not guaranteed to be accurate. Manufacturers frequently change packaging and ingredients and we make every effort to update our site as possible. Please be sure to review all ingredients on actual packaging prior to consumption. If packaging does not match the image and you do not wish to keep the product, we are more than happy to accept a return and issue a refund. Thank you!

^^Please note that we can only accept a return of packaged goods if a significant amount of the item has not been consumed. If an order error or spoiled product is noticed after delivery, we will make an attempt to schedule a redelivery or offer a refund. If the return is of an item that was ordered and properly provided, we will offer to accept the return/exchange as part of a subsequent order, so long as the item has not been opened/consumed or expired. Thank you for understanding!

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