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1Can I change/edit my order after it is placed?

You can change your selected Delivery Date/Time by logging in and going to My Account > View Orders. Here, you will see a link to 'Change Delivery Date/Time' next to your order. Click this!


Adding or removing items from your order after it has been placed is trickier. At this time, the only way to add/remove items is by emailing us at Be sure to include the exact name of the item you wish to add/remove and the quantity.


Please note that our customer service hours are 9a-5p, Mon-Fri. This means that if you email us outside of these hours and your order is to be delivered the next day, we may not be able to accommodate your request (all orders must be final by 7am on the day of delivery). So, for this reason, we highly recommend that you wait to place your order until you are certain you have everything correct. As long as you are logged in while shopping, your items will remain in your cart until you are ready to place your order - even if you log out for a while.

2Do you accept orders via phone?

We are sorry - we do not accept orders via phone at this time. 

3How do you ensure freshness and high quality? Do you offer a guarantee?

Because quality starts at the source, we are very selective about the sources of our product. We recently established a strategic partnership with Zagara's Marketplace, in Cleveland Heights. Zagara's has been a family owned grocery store in Cleveland since 1936, and has a reputation for the highest quaility products and customer service. Under this agreement, PrestoFresh customers will have access to Zagara's products, including locally sourced produce and Ohio raised meats!

Beyond this, we take great strides to ensure that this quality is retained until you receive the order. For instance, we only select items for an order at the last possible moment; so even if you place an order a week in advance, we won't package your order until the day that we deliver to you. Furthermore, the items that are picked specifically for you are kept in storage areas/temperatures that will ensure the highest quality until you receive your order.

Because we take these extensive steps, we will replace the item should you not be satisfied with the quality of any product! (please note that quality issues must be reported within 24 hours in order to be eligible)


4How Does Your Referral Program Work?

Accumulate dollars every time your referrals buy from us! Just sit back and watch the savings roll in!!

> Go to the Referred Friends/PrestoPayback link in your My Account page
> Click the "Invite Friends" link (or email the URL on the page)
> Receive $2 in savings for every $100 that one of your friends/family purchases over time! You can monitor your savings over time on this page
> The next time you check out, you will see the option on the right side to apply as many or as few of these dollars to your purchase - it's easy!!

5How much does the service cost and what forms of payment are accepted?

Not much! There is a small fee to cover the cost of delivery, and there is also a minimum order amount of $50. On the subject of cost, our goal is to provide products to you at prices that are representative of other stores in the area. We also offer our own promotions on products and free delivery - these are announced via our newsletter, which you are subscribed to when you register.


The delivery fee is based on the cost of your purchase, as follows:


  • Order value $50-74.99: $9.95
  • Order value $75-99.99: $8.95
  • Order value $100+: $7.95
  • If you order between 7pm and 7am and schedule delivery for the next/same day, the delivery fee is $12.95.

We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), and payment can be made directly on our site at time of checkout. Our site utilizes an SSL certificate/encryption so you can have confidence that your payment information is safe during the purchase process.


NOTE: there are a couple of ways to reduce the delivery fee. One is to select Flexible Delivery upon checkout; this means that you will be available between 1p-9p to accept delivery, and you are ok with us deciding when to make the delivery. The discount for this is $3. The second way is to keep a lookout for delivery windows that are shaded orange when you checkout; these windows offer a $2 discount when selected.


6I heard grocery delivery is an expensive service. Is this true?

NO!! We strive to keep our prices on par with those that you find at other stores in the area. Individual items may be slightly more or less expensive compared with other stores, but we think you'll find that they average out about the same (and some items will be less expensive than most grocers!). In fact, we have tested this! We have taken actual orders placed on our website and compared the cost at local stores - we actually found that about half the time we are equal to or less expensive than your local store!

Furthermore, the process of shopping via our website will enable you to save money on your total order. For example:


> less chance of 'impulse' and unnecessary/excessive purchases, as you will be able to check your own cabinets as you shop to confirm if you truly need a product.


> you will be able to monitor the cost of your order as you shop, enabling you to stick to your budget! Your shopping cart will be updated and displayed 'real time' on your screen as you shop...unlike in the store where you don't truly know how much you are spending until you are at the checkout register.


> no fuel expended to go to the store! Ok, it's probably not much of a savings, but even $1-2 in gas savings could be the cost of 1 product purchase!


> lastly, we are ultimately trying to save you the cost of your time. You are busy and your time is precious - you can't put a $ value on these savings.


There is a small delivery fee, which is only to cover the cost of the labor/resources required to package your order and deliver it to you. This fee can be as low as $4.95, depending on the size of your order and the delivery window chosen!!


7Is it possible to save money shopping with PrestoFresh?

In addition to allowing you to save on fuel costs and your time, shopping with PrestoFresh will enable you to save money in several ways!


First, as you shop, you can see the items you have selected and your running total bill as you go! Keep an eye on our "permacart", which is next to the Search bar at the top of your screen - that will keep tally of your order in real-time, so you can adjust quantities as you go to stick to your budget. Just roll-over it and your cart will display; you can edit/remove items or adjust quantities right in the cart without leaving the screen that you are on!


Second, you can shop from the comfort of your home, allowing you to avoid impulse buys and confirm the items that you need by checking your own cabinets before you make a purchase!


We're confident that you'll find our prices very fair. We won't be the most expensive grocer and we won't be the lowest cost either...but you will find some items that you can get at a lower cost from us than the majority of other grocers! And we're very proud to be able to offer you a wonderful selection from Zagara's Marketplace!


Finally, as a registered member, you can take advantage of our PrestoPerks: you will receive points for every dollar spent that you can cash in at checkout, you will receive a perpetual 'royalty' from us for every dollar that a referred friend or family member spends with us, and you can enroll in our PrestoPremier program for free delivery!

8Ok, I'm ready - how do I get started?

It's easy! Just sign up via the registration link (no cost to you!) and start shopping for your items - that's all it takes.

Please note the Service Area Map posted under FAQ #12! If your location is not in this service area and you would like our service, please contact us at so we know you are out there!


9What do I do if I'm not happy with my service?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know by emailing Because we take extensive steps to ensure the quality of our products, we will either refund the cost of the item or replace the item should you not be satisfied with the quality of any product! That's our Guarantee! (please note that quality issues must be reported within 24 hours in order to be eligible)

Click here to read a few of the testimonials about our service!


10What do you carry?

We carry most of the same products you would find at your local grocery store, plus more! We have over 10,000 products on our site, including thousands of Organic/Natural and Specialty items. Our produce is locally sourced, and our fresh meats are sourced right here in Ohio! 

To learn more about what we specifically carry, just browse through our site or search for specific items!


11What if I am not available during the delivery window I selected?

Plans change, things come up, etc. We get it, and we'll do what we can to work with you when this happens. If it turns out you will not be available during the time you scheduled your order, please email us at (this email account is continually monitored during our business hours). We will try to find an alternate delivery time for you.

If you are not present when we attempt to deliver your order during your originally scheduled time, or if a delivery time change is requested after 7am on the day of your originally scheduled delivery, a $10 'no-show' fee will apply to cover our packing & delivery costs.


Alternatively, we offer unattended delivery if you can provide a suitable secure location for our driver to leave your order and you can supply coolers & cooling devices (ice/gel packs, etc) to keep your perishables fresh. (Note that this delivery option is selected at your risk, and drivers reserve the right to not leave an order if the designated area or materials are not suitable.)


12What is PrestoPremier and how do I enroll?

PrestoPremier Basic is an annual membership, whereby you pay an $89 annual fee to receive unlimited free delivery (no delivery fee). With the delivery fee ranging from $7.95-9.95 per order, this program is a great deal for anyone who plans to use the service more than a few times over the course of a year.

We also offer PrestoPremier Plus, which is $169 annual fee to receive unlimited free delivery PLUS a reduced minimum of $25.


In order to subscribe, you must first register (free) by clicking the Register link at the top of the page. Once registered, click the PrestoPremier logo towards the top of the page, add the subscription to your cart, and then check out -- voila! You are a Premier member! (please note that you cannot purchase products and the subscription at the same time. Please subscribe first and then purchase products separately)


Premier members also are not assessed the Overnight Processing Fee - this is the fee for orders placed after 7pm ET for delivery to occur the following day. (please see the FAQ about Service Cost for more information on this fee)


Please also note that Premier members are not eligible to receive the Flexible Delivery Discount when choosing Flexible Delivery.

13When will my order be delivered? When will Flexible orders be delivered?

We deliver 7 days a week, and offer 2 hour delivery windows for you to choose from when you check out! Simply place your order by 7am on the day that you would like delivery, and we can deliver it to you as soon as between 1-3pm that afternoon. Alternatively, you can schedule a delivery as far as 7 days in advance.


We also offer 'flexible delivery' for a reduced delivery fee; if you are able to take delivery at any time between 1p-9p on a given day, pick this option and we'll give you a $3 discount! (please note that if you are not available to take delivery when we arrive, a $10 'no-show' fee will apply)


14Where do you deliver?

Our delivery area covers the majority of the greater Cleveland metropolitan area (please see the below map). However, you can live outside of these areas and still receive delivery from us provided that you have access to a delivery location in one of our zipcodes (e.g. if you work in one of our service zipcodes but live outside of the service area, we can deliver to your office).

To check a specific zipcode, please complete the simple Registration Form - it will let you know if your zipcode is not in our area!

If you would like us to deliver to an additional zip code, send us a note via the Contact Us link or to so we know you're out there!




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