PrestoFresh Grocery and Zagara’s Marketplace – a powerful partnership…

From our very first day of delivering groceries around the Cleveland area, PrestoFresh Grocery has been partnered with Zagara’s Marketplace to source and deliver the highest quality groceries available. In the early days, we shopped Zagara’s Marketplace like any other customer, packaged your groceries, and delivered them fresh to your doorstep.  Things have changed!

Over time, our relationship strengthened and we began running our whole operation out of Zagara’s.  Today, PrestoFresh uses Zagara’s Marketplace exclusively and we work hand-in-hand to pick, pack, and deliver the quality food products you expect.

In the coming weeks, you will begin seeing more changes to the products available as we increase the selection of groceries we offer. You will also see prices decrease as we work to more closely integrate our delivery service with Zagara’s Marketplace!

Browns win again!

ZAG Browns Dawg

All Milk-Bone Dawg Biscuits on Sale - 10% off normal price!


Happy Holidays from Zagara's/PrestoFresh Grocery Delivery!


Have you noticed?

We have recently lowered thousands of prices - especially on your favorite name brands.  Look inside - old prices are crossed out in RED, with the new price in BLACK next to it! 

More news! 

See the bottom of this page for new or currently featured products.  Zagara's own Whole Rotissiere Chicken is back!  Sara has developed several recipes that we are sure you will love.  Check them out!

They are delicious!

New to Zagara's/PrestoFresh?  PrestoFresh is the easy way to shop for groceries! Thousands of busy individuals and families have signed up for PrestoFresh and are enjoying the time-saving convenience of home grocery delivery. PrestoFresh delivers to the greater Cleveland area and chances are we deliver to your neighborhood! It's easy to use PrestoFresh. Just create an account here and start shopping! You'll even receive $10 off of your first order!

 Need help? Call us at 844-264-8881.

Zagara's / PrestoFresh

Why you should shop from Zagara's/PrestoFresh.

We're Local!


We're a local, family-owned business. PrestoFresh hires locally, buys locally and supports local community organizations.

15,000+ Products

Name Brands You Know & Trust.

With over 15,000 products available online we have the brands you've come to know and there's no need to compromise.

We're Fresh!

Hand-Picked & Inspected For You.

Our team carefully hand picks your order to ensure it's just what you requested! Want extra ripe bananas? No problem.


Order From Anywhere

Place your order, schedule its delivery and our professional drivers will deliver your groceries.


New Products

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