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Zagara's Market Place / PrestoFresh Grocery provides free delivery (or "curb-side" pickup) to the Cleveland Heights area, including most eastside suburbs.  (Click here for a more complete list of our delivery area.) PrestoFresh orders are filled by Zagara’s team members who are trained to pick only the freshest produce and best hand-cut meats and seafood.  We deliver six days a week from Monday through Saturday.  Orders placed before 7:00 AM can be delivered same day. 

Please note:  We do NOT have the facilites or resources to ship products out of the region, generally limiting delivery service to an area approximately 5 miles from Zagara's Marketplace in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.


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First Sign of Summer?  Fresh Watermelons are Here!



   How to change an Existing Order

If you have a pending order and wish to add or delete items, send email to mskinner@zmp1936.com  Include the items that you want to add or delete, and we will change your order and adjust the charge for you.
Tipping the Driver?

You may tip your driver if you choose.  However, in these days of "social distancing", it can be a challenge.  If you wish, there are several ways to tip your driver safely.  You can leave it in an envelope at your door or wherever you have requested we drop off your groceries, or you can tell your driver to add an amount to the order, or you can email us at mskinner@zmp1936.com and indicate an amount to be added to your credit/debit card.  Call with questions at 216-321-6358.

"Curb-side Pickup"

We are now offereing free "curb-side" pickup for those who do not wish to have delivery but still want to take advantage of our shopping service.  Once you have filled your "cart" and begin the checkout process, you will have an option to choose either delivery or curb-side pickup.

The same time slots ("delivery windows") will apply.  IMPORTANT:  We will call you when your groceries are ready to be picked up.  Do not come to the store before we call you.  When we call, you will be asked to come to the store and call us from your cell phone when you get to the parking lot.  Pull up to the front door and a team member will load your groceries into your vehicle for you.  (Our phone number is 216 321-6358.)

It is also important that you come to the store when we call.  Please try to get here as soon as possible as we need to be able coordinate with other customers while keeping everyone's groceries at the appropriate temperatures.  


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 Need help? Call us at (844) 264-8881 or (216) 321-6358

Order & Delivery Details

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Heights-Area Delivery

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 Contact us to adjust orders

Item Refunds


Items not delivered refunded next business day


Call 216.321.6358 

Email: support@prestofreshgrocery.com

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Free delivery to: Cleveland’s east side, University Circle, Little Italy, Beachwood, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Village, South Euclid and Pepper Pike and the “Heights” including Cleveland, Shaker, Mayfield, University, Richmond, Warrensville.

Communities outside of a 7.5 mile radius from 1940 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights are subject to a fee as high as $30.  Communities outside a 10 mile radius cannot receive a delivery.

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