PrestoFresh Grocery Delivery

PrestoFresh Grocery Delivery

Welcome to Northeast Ohio's Own PrestoFresh Grocery!
Serving the Greater Cleveland metro area!

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About us

PrestoFresh LLC is a veteran owned/operated business based in the Cleveland OH area. The company’s sole purpose is to provide a highly convenient grocery shopping alternative that complements the in-store customer experience. In other words, we want to do your heavy lifting for you when you could use a hand: if you don’t want to spend your valuable personal time at the store, we hope you will shop with us online when you have a 15 minute break at work. When the weather outside is frightful, we want you to call on us to navigate the snow & ice so you don’t need to. And when you are just plain too exhausted after a hard day at work or with the kids, we’d be happy if you asked us to deliver your groceries to you.

To be clear, PrestoFresh is not a personal shopper service! We work hard to find our own high quality sources for your food, which vary depending on the product. We buy some products directly from the source, some from distributors, and in other cases we partner with local business/shops/markets to bring you their products.

We are delighted to be your grocery provider, but we are also a brand new business – we would be excited for your collaboration in improving our service and product offering! So, please send any feedback (positive or negative) to – we review all email and will incorporate your comments into our discussions about how we can improve.

We look forward to serving you!